Thursday, November 27, 2008

Salamat Jhai

Reading my stories
like bedtime stories
is a funny thing to do
but listening to my dramas
hey its more for you.

Thanks for sparing some time
talking to a weirdo like me
though you laugh at my innocence
sorry thats me =)

Thanks for being there my friend
whenever i feel down
were laughing at stupid things
hey im not a clown =)

got nothing more to say
but thank you
for listening to the melodies
and cries of a boy like me..

although you are a friend of mine
and letters we exchange,
I wouldn't know you on the street,
and doesn't that seem strange?

You hold a place within my life,
unusual and unique;
We share ideals and special dreams,
and still, we do not speak.

I picture what I think you are,
perhaps you picture me.
An intriguing game for both of us
for someone we can't see.

So for this friendship we possess,
we owe this internet a debt,
Perhaps the charm lies in the fact
that we have never met.

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