Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last Ride

She died.

She was crossing an empty street when she was hit by a speeding bus. Her body flew in such a slow motion, she seemed to fly. But then the impact with the ground was inevitable. Her body crashed. Blood spilled on the asphalt.

It was a spectacular performance, and I was her only audience. I was the omniscient god that created her world- yes, the empty street, the need to cross it to reach the emptiness on the other side, the empty bus that crashed through her body, the blood. Her world was only these things.

She was lost. She jut saw the street and the fog on the other side. I gave her will. Cross it, I whispered. She didn't know what to do but to follow the only sound she could hear. She took a ginger step forward, and seeing nothing happened, followed it with another. Then another. And soon she was on the middle of the street, eager to reach the other side.

Then the bus came. It was empty of any soul to drive it but it came so fast. There wasn't even time to react. I couldn't stop it. I created the bus so he could ride it when he crossed the street, but something went wrong. Very wrong.

She didn't even see it coming.

I tried to stop the time. I guess that’s why her body reached the ground so slowly. I was master of her world but I couldn't stop is death. Like it was inevitable no matter how much in control I was.

There was no sound when she hit the road. Her body didn't even rebound. She just lay there in the middle of a pool of red. But- wait, she wasn't dead yet. She was alive!

I descended from the clouds and flew to his frail body. I ran as fast as I could. When I reached her I put her head on my lap and caressed her face. My dress was filled with his blood. I couldn't care less.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. She had such wonderful eyes. So playful, like she had the mind to suddenly jump up and shout "Just joking!", and then she would run from me and of course I would chase her, giggling and laughing until our bliss brings us on the other side of the street. Then we would ride the bus- that’s what it was supposed to be for- to heaven while making passionate love.

But she never did jump up.

She just looked at me. And then her eyes filled with tears. But...the tears never did fall. Because she closed her eyes before they had the chance.

She died.

And I woke up.

In tears- because now I know even if I was god, she still wouldn't be mine.

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