Friday, February 20, 2009

no one will believe me

No one would believe I touched the moon.

You are not one who would kiss the earth. Your life is spent dancing with the stars. And you know nothing but warmth in the cradle of the sky.

Hovering over the world
giving it light upon the night
always there yet never quite.

Long have I looked upon your face, one I never thought I would recognize. Mocked by the length of day, I would whisper lullabies to the wind, begging the world to fall asleep. So that you would return and I could once again serenade you with my gaze.

Even I was caught by surprise when finally you smiled back at me. For I am one used to the stifling solitude that is my destiny. So much that I find comfort in absolute stillness and only find my way in blinding darkness. That was how I fell in love with the night and come to know you.

And so it was that with a wicked twist of fate, or maybe it was just my strange fixation with pain, that I found myself yearning for nothing but a place in the heavens with you. It is a ridiculous impossibility only a recluse of my naive tolerance for tragedy could find absolute fascination in.

I therefore cannot blame the world, even with all my malice, for not being able to undersand. For I also can never come to terms with how they can fail to stumble in the dark because of your gentle light and never give you so much as simple acknowledgement of your presence. And I want to laugh for I was at least less occupied with my shadow to look to the reason it was cast.

No one will understand. And so it is no surprise that no one will find it less easier to believe that not only did I touch the moon but that you touched me back. And you did more than just that. You enfolded me with your passion and wooed me with poetry that would humble romance itself.

But the universe is as it would, and even Mother Nature will not find it in her heart to find me a spot in the infinite sky near you. So that the only way for us to be together is for you to leave your home in the heavens. But as much as I want to spend the rest of my waking moments with the whole of your being, I can never bear the thought of tearing you away from the sky. The world will never hear a word of it but I know you're ready to return all your light to the sun because you believe in the humility of my tiny glow. Nevertheless, we choose to stick it out where we are placed--tormentingly distant from each other.We both know that the world will blame me if you do step down to earth. And just like me, it pains you more to be the cause of that suffering than to have to wait for eternity to end just watching me from afar.

And so we wept our own goodbyes. I promise to keep singing love letters to the wind hoping the breeze of my heart will reach you. And you vow to always shower me with light enough to fill the world, knowing I'm there, awake in the slumber of our fate.

So it is that the world will end and they never would believe that everything is the way they all want it to be because of our great sacrifice. No one would ever believe because no one will ever know. They would hear my soulful songs and feel the footsteps of your light among them but they will never know that you are the notes of my melodies and I'm the reason you look upon the earth.

No one will ever believe I touched the moon.

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